Excerpts from a (sort of) experienced client servicing personnel.

It’s 1:00 P.M on a lazy Saturday afternoon. There is a message beep from your phone. You check it and give a sigh.

It’s 9:00 P.M. on nice Sunday night. You are enjoying your team play along with some beer and company. Your phone buzzes. You check it and give a sigh.

Doesn’t sound like a horror story, does it? . But, if you have been in the client servicing industry for a long enough time, it very well might be.
It might be your client just messaging to let you know of an idea, or maybe he is not happy with the post that just went up, or maybe she wants the report tomorrow at sharp 10:00 A.M.
Ya, just a few possibilities in the life of a client servicing professional.

Well, having been in this role for the whole of my not-so-long- a career, I have had my fair shares of ups and downs. So, what have I learnt from these experiences?

Can clients be intentionally difficult? Of course they can be.
Are the stories true? Will they delay feedback? Oh yes!
Will they change their feedback in the last moment. Well, ya that happens. Often.

Well, all these stories are true, but there are often exaggerations which make clients seem like monsters (not all are untrue, mind you).

Well, I will be honest. Most clients are reasonable. Yes, the instances that I mentioned above happen, but you can always work around by talking to them and communicating your problems and your thought process. So you see, as the old saying goes, communication is the key to a good relationship. And this, as well, is a relationship (hopefully not the most important one in your life).

So, if you have a client problem in your life, make sure you are not taking it personally, because (and this is a very important point) you do not have to. It is work. As i mentioned earlier, there are much more important relationships in your life(some examples are video games, books, Netflix. What were you thinking?). Pay your personal life’s attention to those.

As for your client, do not treat him/her like a monster. They are also humans. Try to think of the problem from their perspective and more often than not, you will come up with the solution to appease your client.

And always remember the golden rule- The client is always right.

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